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In October of this year, I was part of the International Christian Business forum in Warsaw, which brought together people from all over the world: from Japan, South Korea, China, Europe, Latin America, the USA and Canada. I went with a high expectation to meet entrepreneurs from all over the world to share experiences and create partnership opportunities. I knew that the theme of the event would be Ukraine.

It turned out that the focus was not just on business, but on mobilising and coordinating forces to help underprivileged refugees, and in the future to work towards rebuilding the country after the war. It was a bit of a stretch to meet my expectations, but I was motivated to include everything I could. We met with a lot of volunteers. They showed us refugee camps and huge hangars where many refugees live – all in one room. I'll give you some statistics: Since the beginning of the war, about 6 million Ukrainian refugees have crossed Poland's borders. This is roughly the same as the current population in Bulgaria. Many of these people have flocked to Western Europe. Some have returned to Ukraine. But 2 million are still in Poland.

This is roughly how the population of our capital Sofia is currently. Another fact that I learned is that today the maintenance of refugees is taken over mainly by non-profit organizations, since the Polish government gave back funding. 

Hope for Ukrainian refugees.

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We show them that someone cares about them. Yes, we cannot meet all the needs of Ukrainian refugees, but we can give them hope back. 

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