To build up a platform for fellowship and partnership between business leaders and entrepreneurs who have taken their work as their mission.


Empowering business leaders, entrepreneurs, and young professionals to achieve success by establishing a firm grounding in God's Word and Christian values in both their personal and professional lives. This way we make Christ known in the marketplace.

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In 2018, a group of Christian business leaders, entrepreneurs and young professionals gathered for the first time in Varna with the desire to support each other in our efforts to develop and share our faith in our workplace. This is how our platform was born.

We know that the basis of any successful organization is a good healthy relationship between people who profess the same values and have common goals. That's why we strive to build relationships and trust with each other. We also organize small fellowship groups where people get to know each other, help each other and share their trials and triumphs with each other.

Knowledge is another key to success. Our goal is to provide our community with selected practical trainings, to organize seminars and meetings with professionals. Without the proper knowledge, no business would be successful, no matter how much effort we put into it.

Of course, apart from being successful for ourselves, Jesus teaches us to live a life of giving. Therefore, in addition to organizing charity campaigns, we motivate people from our community to be givers in their personal life and always look for opportunities to share their faith with the people around them.

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