Clothes Donation. 22/10/22

On 22.10, we were helping Ukrainkite refugees for the first time. We decided to give priority to children. And because winter is coming, we started with winter clothes. Many families came back in March as they did not expect to stay in Bulgaria until the following winter and therefore did not bring winter clothing. On the other hand, the children are growing up, and their clothes from last winter were already too small for them.

We took the children to a single clothing store and left them to make their own choice of warm clothes.

Mothers were very grateful and appreciative! This motivates us even more to continue.

On 05/11/22, the distribution of winter clothing will continue for the second time. We decided to buy winter shoes for the children next time.


Hope for Ukrainian refugees.

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We show them that someone cares about them. Yes, we cannot meet all the needs of Ukrainian refugees, but we can give them hope back. 

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